7 School Marketing Strategies in 2023

School marketing strategies will be the most cutting edge in 2023. The future of school marketing revolves around new technology, social media and more student involvement. Here are the top 7 school marketing strategies for this year:

A guide to the top school marketing strategies in 2023

School marketing is a vital part of the marketing process. As a school, you must focus on how to market your institution and ensure that it maintains its position in the minds of parents and students. This can be achieved through various means:

  • A school digital marketing plan should include all aspects related to digital advertising, including social media, advertisements on mobile devices and websites, email campaigns as well as other forms of digital advertising such as banner ads or pop-ups (more about these later).
  • A social media strategy is also crucial for schools because it allows them to reach out directly with relevant messaging via Facebook Messenger or Twitter Direct Messages (DMs), which are often better at building relationships than traditional emails because they allow users more control over their experience with the brand.

Student- and alumni-powered marketing campaigns

It's no secret that students are the best marketers in the world, but how do you convince them to be your spokesperson? By making sure your school is an attractive place for students to be and stay, then asking them to help spread the word about your brand. Asking students and alumni for their input on social media posts, email lists and more allows you to tap into a unique resource that professional brands can only dream of having access too; plus, they're often more credible than adults when it comes down to promoting themselves online or through traditional advertising methods such as print ads or billboards on campus grounds.

Hyper-targeted campaigns with differentiated recruiting approaches and specializations

In the future, schools will use data to identify the right candidates. They’ll also use data to identify the right schools for candidates and students. Finally, they’ll use data to identify the right schools for alumni.

One example of this is using an algorithm that identifies high-achieving students in their senior year and then sending them personalized emails with job opportunities from top companies. Another example is using technology like Google Voice Search or Alexa Voice Assistant that automatically sends personalized messages based on keywords and phrases spoken into a device (such as “Can I speak with someone about getting hired at XYZ Company?”).

More marketing tech products

In the future, you'll be able to use more marketing tech products.

With new innovations in AI and machine learning, it's likely that there will be an increased number of tools that help your business run more smoothly. For example:

  • A more affordable way to send emails directly from your inbox (no need for an email client)
  • An easy way to integrate with other systems like HR or CRM
  • A better interface so users don't have to learn new systems

Chatbots, AI and automation take off

Chatbot technology is already being used in the classroom. For example, IBM’s Watson can help teachers with questions about math or science topics by answering questions in natural language. The bot will also provide links to relevant content on the Internet so students can learn more about a particular topic if they need more information after being taught by their teacher.

In addition to being able to answer questions posed by teachers (or students), chatbots are also capable of performing cognitive tasks like reading aloud text from an article or book without any human intervention required; editing texts; translating languages from one format into another; synthesizing speech from multiple sources (e.g., human voice recordings); recognizing images using facial recognition software such as Face Recognition by FaceID™ platform or Google Photos' Picasa Photo Search & Retrieval Toolbar which both use machine learning technologies based on convolutional neural networks (CNN) trained using large datasets consisting primarily of photographs taken over time period ranging from 2013-2017 so that it could recognize objects such as flowers easily without having them labeled beforehand - which would require expensive labeling equipment costing upwards $400k-$800k per unit!

Social media dominates the online marketing world

Social media has become the most popular way to interact with people, share ideas and market your school. In fact, according to Forrester Research’s analysis of global user behavior in 2018, social media was the top channel for interaction among both millennials and Gen Zers (those born after 1995).

In addition to its prevalence on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, social media is also easily accessed through workplace computers or laptops. This means it’s easy for schools to set up their own accounts on platforms like Facebook or Instagram so that students can easily communicate with each other through these platforms at school or during lunch periods instead of having everyone go off campus together into a crowded cafeteria where they might not be able to hear each other well enough due how loud everyone would naturally be talking over one another because talking louder than usual would make sense since this situation involves lots of people who want something done quickly before being interrupted by someone else asking questions about what happened yesterday while waiting patiently until there's more room inside before anyone leaves early without permission again next time around!

Video is the most dominant content format

Video is the most dominant content format for schools, because it's an engaging way to tell your story. Videos are more likely to be shared on social media and can be easily embedded into other sites.

The most cutting edge school marketing strategies in 2023

You're probably thinking, "school marketing strategies? I'm not sure what you mean."

But let me explain. School marketing is more important than ever before because of the rise in technology and how it has changed how we learn and interact with our peers. The best way for schools to market themselves is through technology—and this isn't just an opinion; it's a fact!

Schools need to use their new abilities as platforms for advertising because they can reach out directly to their audience without having them cross paths with other brands or advertisements at all times during the day.


School marketing is a growing field, and it will continue to be an important part of how we consume and get information. With so many new trends coming to the forefront in the next few years, it’s crucial that schools stay ahead of their competitors by finding out what works best for their unique needs.

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