How is K-12 Data Solutions an asset for Education Marketing?

What does this article include?

  • What exactly is the K-12 education system?
  • How does K-12 education marketing operate?
  • What makes the education sector a good business target for marketers?
  • Who can provide K-12 Data Solutions that would benefit education marketing?

What exactly is the K-12 education system?

K-12 education refers to primary and secondary education that includes more teacher-student communication. The letter K stands for Kindergarten, and the letter 12 stands for 12th grade, and the K-12 educational model encompasses Kindergarten, primary, secondary, high school, and pre-university education.

The data of K-12 schools play a crucial role in helping marketers fetch educated-related sales leads across the US, with the availability of databases like K-12 email lists, K-12 school lists, and K-12 contact lists.

How does K-12 education marketing operate?

Firstly, you’ll need to figure out what are your marketing goals. Some parameters that can be considered would be:

  • The number of applications for each enrollment.
  • The number of leads for each registration.
  • The amount of web traffic or engagement from other channels required to generate sizable leads.

Once you’re clear about what you want to achieve, the campaigning process becomes more sophisticated.

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What makes the education sector a good business target for marketers?

Much like the healthcare industry, the pandemic has also impacted the education sector, especially teaching style. To bring the mode of education back on track, experts and professionals in this field would be happy to negotiate with any marketer for acquiring modern facilities, thereby making them the ideal target audience.

Who can provide K-12 data solutions that would benefit education marketing?

Well, it would be worth checking out what SchoolDataLists has to offer in terms of services.

It prioritizes providing education industry related businesses with a variety of email marketing services to help them target the decision makers contacts like princiapls, teachers, facility mangers, lab executives, accounting and payroll executives etc from best schools, colleges and universities available across the United States.

SchoolDataLists allows marketers to directly contact teachers, principals, experts, and decision-makers and purchase school data lists for use in marketing campaigns across the United States. It offers marketers helpful information like Job Titles by SIC & NAICS Codes, Location Size, Employees at Location, Seniority and much more.

This service provider is familiar with technological changes and the market by developing new tools and implementing business techniques to bring high-quality school databases to prospective marketers.

How does SchoolDataLists operate?

All the data that’s collected is cross-checked with third-party sources to maintain reliability. The databases are compliant with GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, CASL and ESIL. There’s 7-step verification alongside manual and AI verification. To make it easier for marketers, the gathered information has been customized and segmented into categories like job title, job function, firmographics, business ownership & legal structure, year of establishment, Location Size, and zip code of the location. School Data Lists updates its email lists in real time with SMTP verification.

Some features of SchoolDataLists include:

  • Create a custom list of principals, teachers, facility managers etc from any education industry verticals
  • No resale on any custom build school lists
  • Dedicated account manager to take care of your school mailing lists email marketing requests
  • Receive one free email campaign with the purchase of any school mailing list
  • Real Time verified K12 Email Lists delivery within 48-72 hours

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