Artificial Intelligence is the Changing Outlook of Education Industry

The Impact of AI in the Education

The US has a remarkable place in the world’s education. The unexpected coronavirus outbreak has given a sudden attack to the education sector. It has adversely affected the US education. The higher education enrollment has tremendously reduced because of the pandemic. The artificial intelligence is one of the most accepted choices. Since the majority of the colleges and schools are not working properly. The adoption of AI in the education industry is rising; 37% of the organizations have now used AI in some form. Over the past 4 years, adoption reaches 270%.

Artificial intelligence made way for modern teaching. Hence, the impact of AI in the education field is flourishing. AI technology has many applications that are strengthening the popularity and acceptance of AI in the education sector. AI has a great capability in automating and expediting the administrative tasks. This technology can be useful for the teachers to grade the homework, evaluate essays, and to evaluate the overall performance of the students quickly.

impact-of-ai-in-the-education AI can digitize textbook contents. This will ensure a customized learning experience for the students; the teachers can use AI to demonstrate complex lessons. Virtual contents such as digital lectures and video conferences are the other blessing for educators from artificial intelligence. Most of the educational institutions in the US have added AI in their classrooms. It will make the student’s and teacher’s work much comfortable and fruitful.

How AI influenced education marketing?

ai-in-education-marketing The educational market is growing rapidly with digitalization. P&S Intelligence reported; the global AI education market share reached a value of $1.1 billion in 2019. It is expected to attain 25.7 billion in 2030. North America and Europe collectively accounted for more than 50% of the market share in AI. These regions are the home for many of the top AI solution providers. A survey conducted by QS among the employers stated 67% believe that AI will ensure the most cost-effective alternative to the highly skilled jobs by 2030. The report published by the Market Research Future has stated that the AI education market is expecting a market value of USD 2 billion by 2023 growing at a 38% CAGR during the forecast period 2018-2023.

Fascinating Opportunities in the AI Education Market

  • The AI market is projected to reach USD 3,683.5 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 47.0% during the forecast period.
  • The AI education market is expecting to witness significant growth during the forecast period since the demand for artificial intelligence is increasing each day.
  • AI education market would see an increase in the need for multilingual translators integrated with the AI technology is another trend in the education market.
  • The demand for AI technology is increasing in the educational system. We can see the presence of AI in every domain of the educational system from the primary schools to higher education.
  • The number of edtech companies is proliferating. The majority of the edtech companies are investing in AI to get exponential growth in the revenue.

Use of AI in the Education Field

Amazing tool for hyper-personalization

AI is an amazing tool for developing a personalized learning experience for the students. Understanding the student’s capability and weak points; the teachers can use AI technologies to teach each student. The educational industry is looking forward to 47% of learning management tools from AI capabilities by 2024.

Proliferating use of voice assistance

The educators are making use of the voice assistants in the education platform. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana are such voice assistants used by the educators these days. The use of printed hard notebooks is rare these days, instead of that the teachers and students like voice assistance.

Organizational tasks are better with AI

Teachers have to handle organizational tasks as well; such as evaluating the assignments, grading of examinations, and other paper works. AI would help the teachers to complete the back-office work without consuming much time. AI would provide personalized responses to the students and do other paper works as well.

Administration with the help of AI

Educational institutions are using AI-powered systems to improve the efficiency of the institution. AI will help with a wide range of administrative tasks such as budgeting, student applications, and enrollment, course management, sorting educator HR related issues.

In a very short span, AI learning will turn to the core part of all the educational experiences. Since AI got a great appreciation from the educators and students; we can see rapid growth in the market value soon.


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