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Get to know about the top nursing schools in the US! The nursing jobs are a fantastic fit for someone who enjoys helping people and has excellent organizational and communication abilities. There are several educational and certification requirements that must be satisfied for a nursing career. The nursing fields are constantly changing, very lucrative, and in high demand, with generally high levels of job satisfaction. The majority of nurses across all positions — NMs, CNSs, CRNAs, NPs, LPNs, and RNs—reported between 94 and 98 % work satisfaction, according to the Advisory Board. There are many expanding job opportunities for nursing school graduates, whether you pursue nursing full- or part-time nursing career pathways.

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Given the competitive nature of the work and the seriousness of caring for humans in need, practically all nursing positions—particularly those with a registered nurse salary in the six-figure range—require an RN and a bachelor's degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, RN posts could increase by as much as 6% through 2031. The highly demanded registered nurse (RN) on the job market are those with a BSN, and they can rise to management and leadership positions more swiftly than those with an ASN. So, this is a good career option for interested students.

List of Top 10 Nursing Schools for Masters

Rank 1. Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD
#1 Best Nursing Schools: Master's
Tuition and fees: $1,790 per credit (full-time)

The institution offers programs tailored to the demands of a wide range of enrolled students. The School of Nursing provides more nursing opportunities for more people in various locations, times, and formats, including pre-licensure programs, Master's, DNP, and Ph.D. programs, online choices, and post-degree opportunities. Don't wait until the last minute to put in your application if you intend to attend Johns Hopkins. The institution has a low acceptance rate of 11% and ranks among the most demanding in the country.

Rank 2. Duke University

Durham, NC
#2 Best Nursing Schools: Master's
Tuition and fees: $1,910 per credit (full-time)

The next group of nursing leaders to alter the profession is being trained at Duke University School of Nursing. They promote the scholarly practice of nursing and advance nursing science in areas of international significance. It is ranked second in the U.S. News & World Report's 2023 Best Nursing Schools list. For students who have already earned a college degree, the school offers accelerated bachelor's degrees in nursing, PhDs, and doctorates in nursing practice. The nursing school's acceptance rate is around 20%. The top nursing programs are Adult Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program, Pediatric Primary Care Program, Family Nurse Practitioner Program, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program, and Masters in Nursing, among others.

Rank 3. Emory University

Atlanta, GA
#3 Best Nursing Schools: Master's
Tuition and fees: $1,963 per credit (full-time)

The full-time, campus-based Master of Nursing (Pre-licensure program) program enables students to complete their Master's in Nursing in 15 months. This program is the initial step in your nursing education and is for students who desire to work as RNs. After completing these pre-licensure courses, you can work as a registered nurse (RN). They provide entry-level Master's in Nursing programs and distance-based BSN programs. With the option to continue your education to achieve an MSN, DNP, or Ph.D., you can finish your degree in 12 or 15 months.

Rank 4. University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA
#4 Best Nursing Schools: Master's
Tuition and fees: $47,408 per year (full-time)

The best undergraduate nursing program in the nation is offered by Penn Nursing, which is also the best nursing school in the entire globe. Penn Nursing also offers numerous master's programs that are highly ranked among the best in the country. You'll find an academic program with the flexibility to fulfill your educational goals, whether you enter immediately from high school, are returning for a second bachelor's, come to us ready to specialize your nursing practice, or are starting the research-intensive route toward a Ph.D. The program also integrates the scientific underpinnings of healthcare with practical experience, providing side-by-side assimilation of theoretical and applied knowledge.

Rank 5. University of Washington

Seattle, WA
#5 Best Nursing Schools: Master's
Tuition and fees: $17,817 per year (in-state, full-time)

The University of Washington, School of Nursing offers two undergraduate programs: a traditional two-year full-time Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program or a fast-track Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program for candidates who already hold a bachelor's degree and are interested in pursuing a second career in nursing. All MN students receive close support from the MN Program Advisor to help them adjust to, advance and complete the MN Program.

Rank 6. Columbia University

New York, NY
#6 Best Nursing Schools: Master's
Tuition and fees: $89,862 per year (full-time)

With various specialized graduate degree programs available, Columbia Nursing is frequently regarded as one of the top nursing schools in the world. The academic programs allow students to fully learn every aspect of nursing care, putting them in a position to shine on an interdisciplinary healthcare team. The in-depth instruction in both academic and clinical settings presents special opportunities that help mold the upcoming generation of nurse scientists and healthcare professionals. For non-nursing college graduates who want to become registered nurses, there is a full-time accelerated nursing curriculum called the Masters Direct Entry (MDE) Program (RNs). Students in the MDE program are prepared to provide patients with evidence-based nursing care across all care settings, focusing on care coordination and religious and cultural care.

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Rank 7. Ohio State University

Columbus, OH
#7 Best Nursing Schools: Master's
Tuition and fees: $973 per credit (in-state, full-time)

Before starting the program, you are strongly advised to contact the relevant state licensing body if you want to apply for a professional license. The availability of online programs may also differ by state. The students with a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) can pursue a Master's in nursing through the Traditional Master's option. The main objective is to prepare graduates for advanced practice nursing in various clinical settings, from private practices, clinics, hospitals, and businesses to managed care organizations and governmental agencies. This is accomplished through coursework, clinical experience, and evidence-based practice. You are qualified to apply for certification in the following specialization after graduation. Active, cooperative ties between academics, The Ohio State University Medical Center's teaching hospitals, and community-based preceptors are at the core of the master's program.

Rank 8. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI
#8 Best Nursing Schools: Master's (tie)
Tuition and fees: $1,383 per credit (in-state, full-time)

The University of Michigan is among the most challenging public universities in the US, with an acceptance rate of just 23%. The program here is designed to enable you to complete the degree in two or three years, considering your demanding professional and personal commitments. You will receive training in your selected clinical learning location and selected Clinical Learning Center, where you will collaborate closely with professors. Greater knowledge and more sophisticated clinical reasoning are fostered by a focus on active learning. There are numerous APRN specialties available to students, including Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse-Midwifery, Nurse-Midwifery / Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner, and more.

Rank 9. University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC
#8 Best Nursing Schools: Master's (tie)
Tuition and fees: $20,409 per year (in-state, full-time)

The UNC School of Nursing provides a comprehensive selection of well-regarded programs for students at every step of their nursing careers. Carolina Nursing is renowned for its excellence in promoting the art and science of nursing care through its pre-licensure programs, Master's, DNP, Ph.D., and post-degree possibilities, as well as a wide range of continuing education programs. The Post-Graduate AG-ACNP Certificate Program gives NPs with master's or doctoral degrees the extra education and training to handle patients from adolescence to old age with complex, unstable illnesses requiring critical care. Clinical experiences are supported by faculty and take place in a range of practice settings, including but not limited to hospitalist services, inpatient oncology, and other inpatient specialty services, as well as intensive care units (medical, cardiac, cardiovascular/thoracic, neurological, etc.). The learning experience is maximized by intensive online interaction with professors and peers, cutting-edge simulation methods, and on-campus immersions. Graduates may choose for the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Board Certification Examination offered by the American Nurses Association (ANCC) or the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN).

Rank 10. Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN
#8 Best Nursing Schools: Master's
Tuition and fees: $1,793 per credit (full-time)

Vanderbilt School of Nursing offers advanced practice nursing specialties to accommodate various professional interests and learning methods. Many of our MSN programs allow students to earn two certificates or specialize in a particular field of study. Post-certificate master's are offered in nursing informatics, nurse-midwifery, adult-gerontology acute or primary care, family, emergency, neonatal, pediatric acute or primary care, family psychiatric-mental health, and women's health. The Master of Nursing (MN) is a brand-new, four-semester, on-campus program that prepares registered nurses for practice in settings like clinics, hospitals, and offices. The course is intended for people who desire to become master's prepared registered nurses but have a bachelor's degree in another field. The DNP program offers a substitute for doctorates, emphasizing research by educating students in evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and systems thinking. The program admits students with either a BSN or an MSN degree.

How to find the best nursing schools?

It's a significant choice to enroll yourself in nursing schools. There are several factors to consider, whether you're just beginning your schools with nursing programs or considering to study RN programs. You can choose a program that will help you start your career off on the right foot by considering factors like curriculum, pricing, time commitment, and school location. You can find the best nursing schools through search engines. Just type best nursing schools United States, nursing schools best, ranking of nursing schools, or location-specific keywords like nursing programs New York or Houston nursing schools and more. You will get good search results to gain information about the top online NP programs. The official websites of the top ranking nursing schools can provide good information to figure out the programs you want.

Choosing a school that satisfies your needs will be a decision you can confidently make by considering these factors -

  • Decide what you need from a program It's crucial to take your time and think about what you'll need to achieve because different nursing programs offer different rewards to different sorts of students. Your learning style, future ambitions, and any other obligations you may have can all be considered when establishing your needs. Consider the following queries duration of the program, classroom organization, specialties, and more. For. e.g., if you want to know about this "RN programs near me," you need to inquire about it through the available resources.
  • Check the rankings of nursing schools Rankings of nursing schools can be useful, but they shouldn't be the only consideration. This is so because the rankings are guidelines based on data and statistics rather than on the experiences of specific students. Rankings do not consider factors like campus culture or teachers' teaching methods, so they may not be comparable. However, if you're having trouble deciding between two schools, rankings may be able to assist you.
  • Check for state approval and accreditation If you wish to obtain your license, the nursing school you select must be accepted by the nursing board in your state. By conducting a database search on each Board's website, you can confirm Board approval. Beyond that, you ought to strongly consider enrolling in an accredited program. Although it is unnecessary for the license, accreditation confirms that your program fulfills the U.S. Department of Education's quality criteria. Additionally, if your school is not accredited, you might have problems obtaining financial help, transferring credits to a higher degree, or getting the job you want.
  • Explore college career placement programs What kind of career placement or work connections your institution has, if any, is a significant resource to consider. Some schools work closely with neighborhood medical facilities to help students secure employment following graduation. Other colleges might obtain unique job postings solely open to alumni.
  • Consider tuition prices Although it shouldn't be the primary determinant of your degree, tuition is surely on students' minds. The amount you spend can differ greatly depending on the program, institution, school location, and other factors. Thankfully, most students don't cover the full cost of their tuition alone. There are various ways to get assistance, including work-study programs, federal financial aid, and numerous awards. The amount of debt you're willing to take on, your ability to pay it back individually, and any aid you receive must all be considered.

Learn more about the colleges with the best nursing programs near you

You must be interested in pursuing your nursing career in the top nursing schools. There are numerous alternatives available to you if you are considering a career in nursing and are interested in studying abroad. In fact, there are many benefits to choosing an international nursing degree, such as high standards of nursing education, generous funding and support for nursing students, an innovative approach to teaching and practicing nursing, well-recognized nursing credentials, high potential salaries for nursing graduates, and a shortage of nursing professionals in that nation. If you want to study in the ranked nursing schools that provide the best online nursing programs and best nursing programs US, the time is right, as there has been increasing demand for nurses. The students who want to study nursing in Canada can go for these institutions like the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, McMaster University, the University of British Columbia, and more. These nursing schools Canada provide the best BSN programs and best DNP programs. The US best nursing schools are John Hopkins University, Duke University, Emory University, and University of Pennsylvania. These are the best undergraduate nursing schools that can elevate your career as a nursing professional. The best nursing programs that are in high demand are RN programs, LPN or LVN Programs, Accelerated BSN Programs, RN to BSN Programs, MSN Programs, CRNA Programs, DNP Programs, and more. If you aim to pursue one of these demanded nursing programs from good nursing schools, you can earn higher salaries. Texas is another booming place to study nursing programs. The nursing schools in Texas are the University of Texas at Austin, Schreiner University, Texas Christian University, the Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas at Arlington. These institutions provide nurse programs in Texas and are always in demand among students.

The Lubbock Christian University, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma Wesleyan University are just a few US nursing institutions with a 100% acceptance rate. The easiest nursing schools to get into are the South Dakota State University, Cox College, Illinois State University, Regis University, among others. All these nursing schools have decent acceptance rates. One of the most demanded Advanced Practice Nursing specializations, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are the highest-paid nurses, making more than $180,000 annually. But you first need to enroll in a CRNA school if you want to become a nurse anesthetist. The best CRNA schools are Virginia Commonwealth University, Baylor College of Medicine, Duke University, Rush University, and others.

Do you want to know about the best accelerated nursing programs and schools? The Accelerated Bachelor of Science (Nursing) enables you to take advantage of your undergraduate experience from a non-nursing major to launch your career earlier. This option can work for you if you have a degree in other fields other than nursing or some college experience. So, you can go through the websites of these institutions, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Villanova University, and Northeastern University. Now, online is the new mode, so you might search for the best nursing schools with the best online AGNP programs, best online RN programs, and best online FNP programs. You can inquire at these institutions for the best nurse practitioner programs online- Florida International University, Ohio State University, Appalachian State University, University of Central Florida, and University of Florida.

Why opt for nursing as a career? Know about the opportunities beyond

International organizations like the WHO is currently working on solutions for nations that lack nurses, investing in nurse training facilities and other programs to help solve the problem. Additionally, they have long-term plans to increase the workforce globally in methods that won't interfere with their existing efforts to meet the immediate demand for nurses. The country that provides the highest pay for nurses is Canada, with an average annual nursing salary of $71,590. Switzerland, Australia, Ireland, the US, and New Zealand are no less. They also provide the best salaries to the nurses.

People choose to pursue nursing for various reasons, and they frequently have diverse professional objectives in mind. One of the key attractions for nursing students is the abundance of career options and the high level of respect and pleasure that come with the profession. There is nothing more honorable in our world than nursing, which is about caring for others. A nursing career can also be highly lucrative if you can find your expertise and focus your skills on high-paying employment sectors. Here are some more reasons why nursing is a fantastic career -

⟶ Job security

Nursing graduates are very drawn to the field of nursing because it offers job security and financial stability. Work will become more available as opportunities to specialize and advance your career develop. With more experience, employment will become accessible, allowing nurses to further their education and look for new positions specifically suited to their skill set.

⟶ Broad field

Nursing is a broad vocational field; thus, there are never boring moments at work. Working with people with various conditions and issues will never get boring. Every day, new patients arrive, requiring new decisions and new issues to be resolved. This keeps everyone on their toes.

⟶ Make a positive impact on people's lives

Being a nurse requires commitment and dedication. A rewarding career as a nurse requires guts, perseverance, and hard work. The effort expended is rewarded equally. Learned abilities can be applied to both personal and professional circumstances. When patients and families are in desperate need, nurses assist them. High-level nursing requires thinking critically, planning, organizing, and taking the initiative. Over the course of a career, a person not only earns a respectable livelihood but also enjoys the gratifying aspect of their employment.

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