Tips for selling to schools in today's EdTech market

The Impact of AI in the Education

COVID-19 pandemic has affected a significant portion of the national and global community.Social distancing was the primary precaution imparted to be followed, which created a digital divide between offline and online traffic. This division began a massive intrusion for several industries, including the education sector.

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In this blog, we will look at –

  • How education can emerge stronger than before COVID-19 through the current EdTech market
  • The education sales process with 10 tips
  • How to sell to educational institutions?

The conversion from classroom to remote learning has been difficult. Multiple educational institutions have adapted technologies to retain student engagement. Over 2 years, numerous online education portals have been incorporated within several institutions.

According to UNESCO, 5 Billion learners have been affected due to the pandemic outbreak as per database of schools.

Education can emerge stronger than before COVID-19 through the current EdTech market

Education systems were forced to adapt remote learning methods to continue the process of educating amidst the pandemic. These adaptations have enhanced the opportunities for selling school addresses depository. Some circumstances are:

Numerous learners have adapted to online platforms

  • Millions of learners lack student engagement
  • Need for high-quality education
  • Social distancing with remote learning

Educational institutions are seeking ways to continue online learning

  • High tech implementation
  • Limited resource investment
  • Smooth parent-teacher interaction

Along with the beneficial opportunities available for education marketing, there are some challenges for selling as well:

The sensitive audience for sales

  • Prospect notion as exploitation of the situation
  • The current environment creates insensitive marketing

Complex demo sessions

  • The difficulty for teachers, learners without much technical knowledge
  • Technical issues lead to a lack of quality data

Opposing teachers for high tech education

  • Complications for many teachers to adjust
  • Resistant peers towards changing their processes

Ace the education sales process with these 10 tips

Selling to educational organizations requires intricate planning and processing. Your marketing campaigns and sales process predict the possible outcome that can be expected. We have a list of few tips that can aid for a wider reach with your EdTechclosing sales.

1. Identify your audience

Before initiating any marketing approach, you need to know your competitors. Compare the pros and cons with your contenders; your prospects sure will. Consider 7-8 competitors to generate your EdTech marketing strategy accordingly.

2. Create alluring marketing campaigns

With the rise of remote learning, you are not the only EdTech Company offering a high-quality learning experience.

With an impressive and attractive EdTech sales strategy, you can gain the interest of your potential clients.

3. Lead your prospects with empathy

The current pandemic situation needs to be considered, and interact with your potential clients with empathy.

Establish your goal of helping through online education for millions of students.

4. The dynamics of each education scheme varies

The functional aspect differs with each teaching system. You need to organize your sales process accordingly.

There are various formats for learning. Market your services supporting the required schemes.

5. Suffice needs of teachers, parents, students

Focus on learning individual needs of teachers, students, and parents and the struggles regarding education they face due to the pandemic.

Highlight your services that offer solutions to their requirements.

6. The focus of various stakeholder's needs

Each key decision-maker has different goals. Target their requirements through the services you offer.

Prepare according to every possible question that might arise during the sales process.

7. Offer an outlook on student accomplishments

Ensure your sales pitch revolves around the benefits of students with a demo of what can be expected.

The expert strategy for scaling sales in EdTech is through learner engagement across digitally divided networks.

8. Provide simple implementations

Execution of high-tech remote learning processes can be complicated for new online learners.

Simplify your methods during the course onboarding actions.

9. Advertise your programs supporting their curriculum calendar

Every school/college calendar varies.Your services need to align with their calendar to provide the best outcomes.

If you don't plan your sales process per the varying academic calendar, you will have to wait a whole year to contact the prospect again or lose the entire sale.

10. Present wholesome testimonials

Nothing assures a client more than a trusted review to ensure your service's reliability and success rate.

Based on your past experiences, showcase guaranteed glowing testimonials.

How to sell to educational institutions?

Selling to educational institutions requires adequate planning and processing.The sales cycle requires vast resource investment and is time-consuming. Purchasing email lists simplifies the sales process, which holds the complete business contact details. Professional development is at ease with a one-time investment which is time and resource-efficient. You can focus on direct sales and marketing with an assembled mailing list.

For instance, SchoolDataLists offers a dedicated mailing database with opt-in contacts for any specified requirement. We offer data policy-compliant lists with opt-in contacts reaching 85-90% email deliverability.

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